Reality Game

How it works

Shared augmented reality experience
Play with friends or family

Connect with friend via secure code. Fully anonymous.

Hide creatures for 24 hours

Choose AR creature and place it in your environment. Set reward and a message.

Scan surroundings

Move around your creature for 10 seconds to create 3D map of the surroundings.

Friend must find it

Your friend scans the surroundings to find and collect your creature.

Play indoors

Play at home, school or office
Private chat

Discuss hidden locations.

Send photos

Send photos to friends privately.

Earn points

Receive points for each collected creature.

Build own game

Create your own treasure hunt or surprise your co-worker.


Is it like other AR games?

With FunAR you hide creatures yourself and design your own augmented world for your friends.

Is it free?

Yes, FunAR is 100% free.

Any limits?

You can hide your creatures for 24 hours. You can seek maximum 20 creatures at the same time.

Where can I play?

FunAR is designed for indoors play with people you share the physical space. It's great to play at home with your family, at school with friends and office with co-workers.

Is it anonymous?

Yes, we don't collect personal information and friends are connected via secure code.

Can I create an account?

FunAR does not require account creation, however you can still create one to save your activity.

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